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Board Members and their Committees, Non-Board Volunteers and our Staff 

The Board of Directors are volunteers who are elected by the Members and are responsible for the overall governance, administration, operations and financial affairs of the Association. The Board elects its President and Vice President and appoints a Secretary and Treasurer. The current Board members were elected in March 2022 and serve a 2 year term, the next Election will be held in March 2024.

Our Board Members

20231117_172156 (1).jpg

President - George Chiulli


Vice President - Jerry Reynolds

Peter Webster, Finance Director of RBPOA

Finance Director - Peter Webster

Mark Poole, Chair of Environment and Community

Mark Poole

Chief Building Officer

Chair of By-Laws and Non-Compliance Committee & Co-Chair of Infra-Structure and Maintenance Committee

Chair of Treasury and Finance Committee

Ron Ormond, Chair of RBPOA Legal

Ron Ormond

Chair of Statutory and Legal Affairs Committee along with Jerry Reynolds


Mark Updegraff 

Fire Chief


Birdie Crosby
Maintenance Director

our committees 

We gladly welcome your support, ideas and participation in the growth and improvement of Rainbow Bay so if you would like to contribute your time and expertise in one of our Committee's please contact us at the relevant email address, given under each Committe, with your name, contact details, a brief outline of what you would like to help with and your expertise and we will get back to you in due course, thank you!  There follows a brief outline of what each Committee is about and involved with.

By-Laws and Non-Compliance Committee

Headed up by George Chiulli this Committee deals with the compliance of our By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions which involves communication with property owners, especially person(s) preparing to build.  We need the help of all our Members to be vigilant in current and new construction, SEE SOMETHING.....SAY SOMETHING, please bring any issues to the attention of myself or another Board member.  Both the President and myself are aware of some current infractions which will be dealt with.  For any enquiries please contact

Treasury and Finance Committee

Headed up by Peter Webster this Committee performs accounting and bookkeeping to keep track of all the money coming in and out of the Association’s bank accounts.  The Finance Committee's primary roles and responsibilities are:
Preparing the Annual Budget - This is one of the major tasks and involves a line-by-line analysis of current expenses and revenue to determine trends and concludes with a report of expected profit or loss over the next fiscal year. If a loss is projected, suitable plans must be made to finance any deficit.

Maintain Financial Records - The Committee reviews and monitors financial statements, bank reconciliations, insurance policies, reserves and investments to ensure that everything is in order.  Maintaining timely and accurate financial records helps create realistic budgets.
Create Financial Reports - The Finance Committee is also tasked with creating thorough but easy-to-understand financial reports for the Board. This helps save time because the Board members won’t have to ask clarifying questions during the meeting. The Finance Committee is also responsible for editing out confidential information from these statements before making them available to the property owners.
Advise the Board on Financial Matters - As the Finance Committee knows the Association's finances the best, they advise the Board when there are financial decisions to be made. While the Committee handles the finances, some members may not have the authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the Association so they must present all the relevant information which allows the Board to make decisions for the Association.
Assist Other Committees with Finances - Similarly, the Finance Committee also provides financial advice to other Association Committees. These other Committees may consult the finance members on how much budget they have or what their funding options are.

For any enquiries please contact

Environment and Community Committee

Headed up by Mark Poole this Committee deals with the following:
Environmental - c
ommon area planting and community beautification, streetlights, Dark Sky initiative - education and familiarization, environmental impact permitting, underground utilities, cistern encouragement and education, beach clean-ups, plastics and impact on environment, waterline permitting, fire and brush fire education and elimination.

Social - community involvement, RBPOA messaging, beach clean-ups, community events such as yard sale, litter pick-up and social gatherings, community signage and information boards.

For any enquiries please contact

Statutory and Legal Affairs Committee

Headed up by Ron Ormond and Jerry Reynolds this Committee reviews and recommends changes to past and future actions to the Board and Association Members.   The Committee reviews the Companies Act of 1992 and the Non-Profit Act of 2019 to ensure the Association is in compliance.   The Committee includes the Association’s Attorney in issues and provides them with copies of changes to the Association’s operations. 

The goal of the Committee is to:

  • Prevent future legal conflicts.

  • Keep the Board aware of changes in Bahamian Law that may impact the Association by monitoring the Official Gazette of the Bahamas.

  • Keep the Association Members informed of legal issues and resolutions that could affect the Association.

  • Maintain contact with the Association’s Attorney to ensure communication and legal support.

For any enquiries please contact

Infra-Structure and Maintenance Committee

Headed up by George Chiulli this Committee is responsible for:

Parks and Beaches - picnic tables, gazebos, mowing, raking, trimming

Tennis Court

Roads - mowing, bush cutting, repair and replacement of street name signs as well as stop signs, receiving bids for actual road repair

Trash Site - repairs, exterminating rodents, general appearance (curb appeal)

Maintenance Building - repairs both on the inside and outside. 

Maintenance Equipment - hand tools, power tools, Kubota Tractor and it’s accessories.

This is all accomplished by a great deal of co-ordination with the Board, Maintenance Manager and Grounds Keeper. Involves keeping within budget, maintaining an inventory of tools, parts, and consumable supplies from toilet paper to hydraulic fluid.

This Committee is always in need of volunteers!

For any enquiries please contact

Our non-Board volunteers


Recording Secretary - Roberta Updegraff 


Non-Elected Treasurer - Linda Kjerulf 

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