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AGM and Elections 2024

The 2024 AGM will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2024.  Every two years the Board of Directors is elected by the Membership.  Ballot papers will be sent out electronically to all Members who have registered with us and have current email addresses.  A Ballot Box will be available at Big Rock Store for those wishing to submit a paper copy.  Five of the current Board members are standing for re-election.  Those Members expressing an interest to join the Board should submit a short bio and photo to by the 19th January 2024 so details can be entered on to the Ballot papers.  The current Board members who are standing for re-election are:

Ron Ormond
Jerry Reynolds
Mark Poole
George Chiulli
Peter Webster

Linda Kjerulf and Roberta Updegraff have expressed their intention to stay on as non-elected volunteers.

Board members will be required to:

  1. Attend monthly meetings either in person or via Zoom.

  2. Provide accurate reporting for your Committee.

  3. Submit budget forecasts to the Finance Director and Treasurer.

  4. Answer queries from the Membership pertaining to your Committee.

  5. Whilst on the island you will be expected to volunteer for various work parties/fire watch.

  6. Be proficient in giving clear instructions to contractors and staff and monitor works in progress.


You must expect to put in anything from 2 - 10 hours per week depending on the time of year and the Committee you are serving on.  From time to time, you will be paying for items out of your own pocket until you are reimbursed.  Be prepared to make some difficult decisions that may be in conflict with your friends or Members.  The decisions taken by the Board are for the greater good of the Association and its Members.   You will have to sign an Ethics Form and you will be held accountable and registered as a Director under the Bahamian Companies Act 1992.  

The current Board in their two year tenure have but not limited to:

  1. Stabilized the affairs of the Association.

  2. Secured a satisfactory outcome to both parties as to the legal case brought by the Association against a property owner.  This judgement has secured the legality of the Association, its rights to implement building control and to collect assessments as outlined in the covenants. 

  3. Secured the correct insurance cover for its employees, Board members, buildings and equipment.  

  4. Overhauled the staffing structure and has employed three Bahamians on a part time basis, these are Shermanda Bethel (General Manager), Scott Bethel (Maintenance) and Elissaud (Gardener).

  5. Brought in several new procedures for more accountability to the general Membership.  

  6. Updated the Maintenance Building to provide a functioning office and meeting room to conduct RBPOA business.

  7. Set monthly meetings for Board members.

  8. Modernised communication and reporting procedures.

  9. Updated the RBPOA website.

  10. Updated banking facilities.


Going forward the Board wish to implement the following:

  1. Update the accounting and billing systems and make them fit for purpose.

  2. Update the building application and monitoring systems.

  3. Recover outstanding Dues via legal mechanisms available to the Association.

  4. Search and implement the recovery of missing owners information.

  5. Execute a sustainable road repair strategy.

  6. Set up the fire trailer, crew and procedures. 

Any questions please direct them to

We will update this page as and when any further information is available. 

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