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RBPOA, Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera

About Us and What We Do

Rainbow Bay was established as a Ltd by Gordon Price in 1979. The sub-division consisted of 1700 lots, some set aside for community service and commercial sites. Rainbow Bay Property Owner's Association (RBPOA) was established as a feature of the Ltd and has operated with a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of seven property owners duly elected by the membership. The Board elects the President and Vice President. The Treasurer and Secretary are appointed. In addition to the Board, several volunteer Committees help to manage and carry out the work of the Association and encourage community involvement. The Association observes the stringent labor rules of the Bahamas and works to maintain good relationships with the neighboring settlements.

The Board is responsible for carrying out the Articles of Association, implementing various regulations and procedures, and collecting membership fees to maintain the 19 miles of roads, park sites, beaches, amenities and common areas of the Restricted Deeded Sub-Division. The Bahamian Government only maintains the Queen's Highway, meaning Rainbow Bay must be self-sufficient. 


Please read our By-Laws, Policies and Procedures and Restrictions and Conditions and familiarize yourself with the contents.

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maintenance team

Our Maintenance Team consists of Elissaud St Fleur headed up by George Chiulli.  Between them they are responsible for maintaining the beaches and our park areas, servicing our maintenance equipment and when time allows repairs to the Maintenance Building / Tennis Court and the Trash Site Building.  Other responsibilities include cutting back the casuarinas at the junctions of our roads and the Queen's Highway, the setting up of the cabanas and benches on Rainbow Bay Beach and repairing / replacing our road signs.

If you have any queries regarding maintenance, please email

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Mark Poole is responsible along with other Board members for the processing and monitoring of our Building Permit applications.  Main duties include checking Association membership, collecting fees and outstanding dues, checking plans for compliance, set-backs and lot markers.  Other duties include checking for illegal builds and trespassing onto adjacent lots. 

If you have any queries regarding building, please email

recording secretary

Roberta, otherwise known as Bobbi, is responsible for taking the minutes for the stated Board of Directors meetings. She compiles support documents to archive with the minutes. As well as scheduling and managing the Zoom meetings, Bobbi collects electronic Board discussions and votes.  She is responsible for preparing all the necessary hand-outs and the sign-in list for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and ensures a quorum is present. She advises on Robert's Rules of Order. She does not have a vote on the Board.

If you have any queries please email

RBPOA Recording Secretary, Eleuthera

non-elected treasurer

RBPOA Treasurer, Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera

Linda Kjerulf is responsible for providing monthly expense and income reports to the Board including updated net worth, data collect of all bank accounts which includes Bank of America, First Caribbean, PayPal and petty cash. She works closely with the Committees needing funds for projects, labor, equipment, supplies, etc,  Linda pays annual fees and works closely with the Finance Committee on budgets and future goal planning.

If you have any queries please email

billing and accounts

Vicki Collins is responsible for managing and maintaining over 600 active owner accounts, receiving and posting all payments, reconciling all bank accounts, posting and balancing petty cash, posting PayPal payments, receiving mail and dues, preparing and depositing all checks to Bank of America, sending annual customer invoices via regular mail and email.  Vicki maintains mailing information for Newsletters and assists property owners with questions via email.

If you have any queries regarding billing please email and if you have any other queries please email

RBPOA Billing, Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera

editor of the rainbow times

Rainbow Times, Eleuthera

Laura Crosby is the editor of the ‘Rainbow Times' and is responsible for gathering articles and photographs from members and writes articles about topics of interest.  Laura scans newspapers published in the Bahamas to look for topics that pertain to Rainbow Bay Association / sub-division and when newsworthy events occur in the sub-division, engages the assistance of residents to gather facts and information.  Laura corresponds with the Board of Directors to seek its approval for the final draft and works with a local publisher in Summerville, SC in designing the publication.

If you have any queries please email



These are our sub-division maps, click on each section to view detailed maps (note - these are best viewed on a desktop computer or large device such as an iPad).

Rainbow Bay Sub Division Maps


Rainbow Bay development was established back in 1969 as a joint venture between Gordon Price Limited and Rainbow Bay Limited.  The development consisted of residential lots, commercial lots, oceanfront park sites, school sites, church sites, inn sites, a major hotel site and a community building site (known as the Association or Maintenance Building by most now or as it was technically named the Poehlman Building, a dedication to an old Rainbow resident.  This is where the tennis court and boat ramp are located). 

Construction of the roads was started around October 1969 and by December 1970 approximately 12 miles of road had been constructed throughout the sub-division, by June 1971 around 18 miles of road had been constructed along with a boat ramp and a large sea front parking area.   

Mid-1971, Rainbow Bay Beach construction started with plans to landscape the back of the beach with plantings of coconut and palm trees, hibiscus, bougainvillea and other flowering shrubs, construction was completed in 1974.  This therefore is a man-made beach which the Association still maintains to this day and which has had many improvements over the years including cabanas with picnic tables, a car parking area, kayak rack, viewing benches and the beautiful Nentwig Park.  Homeowners and renters in Rainbow Bay and visitors from one end of the island to the other enjoy this beautiful beach, park and great car parking area.

To find out more see below!

History of Rainbow Bay

Longtime Rainbow resident Matt Hoopes has produced an enthralling history of the early days of Rainbow Bay titled 'Rainbow Rising: Journal of Rainbow Bay’s Early Days'.  From numerous current and former owners, he compiled a compelling saga of memories, anecdotes, photos and humor that documents the development of Rainbow Bay from 1970 onward.

All lovers of Rainbow Bay should have a copy of this fascinating 128-page history with 24 pages of color photographs, available as a paper copy priced at $25 if purchased on Eleuthera and $30 if mailed.  Don’t miss out on this delightful history of Rainbow Bay.  It is a special limited publication, and once sold out, it will not be reprinted. 

Please contact Matt Hoopes direct via email at or call on 242-335-0535 for your copy.

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