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Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera, The Bahamas

News, Events & Useful Information

Here you will find updates on what is happening in and around Rainbow Bay, information on any upcoming events and our local businesses / services, artisans, gardeners and plant sellers and artists.  If you would like to advertise on our website, please contact us at for more information.  We endeavors to keep all our Members up to date, on our website at so do check back regularly so you don't miss out on anything.

in and around rainbow bay

Maintenance update as of 5th July 2023 - our new deck for the maintenance building has been completed by Dwight Bethel and crew, photo to come.  George Chiulli has been making picnic tables from the old deck boards which will be distributed around Rainbow Bay.
Progress is being made assembling the new sickle bar, the team are working on the hydraulic system in order to operate the sickle.

new picnic tables.jpeg


Here we will list any events that RBPOA are organising or outside events happening within Rainbow Bay.  We will also tell you about any events happening in nearby settlements that you may be interested in.  

RBPOA EVENTs as follows

RBPOA election

23rd March 2024

Our Elections are held every 2 years in the month of March.  The next Election is due to be held on Saturday 23rd March 2024.  For further information please go to our AGM 2024 page.

RBPOA litter pick-up


We aim to do a big litter pick-up in and around Rainbow Bay twice a year when most or all Members are on the island.  Our last big clean-up was in February 2022 when the Queen's Highway was combed by volunteers.  A big 'thank you' to those Members who kindly pick up litter on their own accord throughout the year, especially along Wandering Shore Drive, Rainbow Bay Beach and the Car Park.  Let's try and keep our beautiful sub-division clean and tidy!  All help is gratefully received, so please take a moment to pick up trash when you see it.  Our next Litter Pick-Up has yet to be confirmed, the date will be posed in time for Members to plan accordingly. 

RBPOA jumble sale fundraiser


We would like to establish an annual jumble sale (rummage sale) fundraiser which is held in the RBPOA Building along Lazy Shore Road. This is a great way for Members to donate and get rid of unwanted or unused items.  Volunteers organize, sort and tag items for sale.  This event is the Association's best fundraiser and we would love for it to be an annual event.  Our last jumble sale in Spring 2022 was a great success.  Much needed funds were raised to purchase the fire trailer and equipment for the neighborhood.  The next jumble sale date will be confirmed and posted.  Please hang on to your stuff for donation to the sale.

RBPOA members party


We are hoping to introduce an Annual Party to help bring our Members together to get acquainted.  There are a lot of new homeowners in Rainbow Bay, and more coming. "Meet and Greets" can be so much fun!  The event may be held on Rainbow Bay Beach/Nentwig Park or in our Association Building along Lazy Shore Road.  Bring drinks and nibbles, mingle and have some fun!  Stay tuned for more information.

Corn Hole Tournament

17th February 2024

2nd annual RB Corn Hole Tournament will be held Saturday February 17th 2024.  Tracy Roberto is heading it up with more details to follow.

useful information/local businesses & Property Sales by owners

Anything we think will be useful to our Members will be listed here such as important numbers, local businesses and services, artisans, gardeners and plant sellers and artists. If you would like to advertise on our website please at for more information.

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