Welcome – Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera, Bahamas


Rainbow Bay Property Owners Association RBPOA, has been in continuous operation since 1979.  RBPOA is responsible for the maintenance of the nineteen miles of roads and public spaces including beaches, parks, refuse facilities. The Association provides brush trimming — anything beyond the reach of individual property owners.

If you are buying or building a house in Rainbow Bay, we can help. We are a non-profit Bahamian Corporation financed entirely by the modest dues of property owners, and our Board of Directors are volunteers. We welcome your support, ideas, and participation.

For access to the members-only section of this website, you must be a property owner in good standing on association dues. Accompany any correspondence with section, block, and lot numbers.


      “Leave behind your transistor radio, CD player, and your boombox so you can hear the soothing sounds of the surf swooshing up the beach and spent on the sandy shore, the sigh of its retreat. Hear the distant boom of the sea on the outer barrier reef, the cry of the gullies, the furtive peep-peel of the sandpipers who race ahead of you as you stroll the wet and bubbling sand. Listen for the scurry of the ghost crab—wow, you can hear Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.31.30 PMthat?The wind rustles the coconut fronds and cools your face, the wavelet runs the sand around your ankles. Cool feet squeak in the wet sand, and when you look down, your
toes are gone, as are the footprints you left behind.”
         —Dave Gale, “Ready” abt (2002)  

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