Election 2023

Notification of Election of Rainbow Bay Property Owners Association Executive Board


 The Annual General Meeting schedule has changed.  Due to the relaxation of Covid gathering limitations, we will amend our plan from two scheduled times to just one.

The AGM will start at 11:00 AM on Saturday March 25, 2023.

Rainbow Bay Property Owners ballot

In accordance with the Rainbow Bay Property Owners Association (RBPOA) ByLaws notice, an election is to be held by March 15, 2023, to choose officers. All eligible candidates should self-nominate by submitting the secretary of the RBPOA an email or written document that they wish to stand for election. Each candidate must submit a short bio and a shoulders and head picture, both of which will be published in an “Election Issue” of the Rainbow Bay newsletter in December.  Applications can be made by email to Robertaupdegraff@me.com

If someone is unable to utilize email, contact Terry Clark or Matt Hoopes. The deadline to meet the publication schedule is December 15, 2022.

The election issue of the Rainbow Bay newsletter will contain lists of candidates and a ballot.

Certain rules as promulgated by the Association By-Laws or the RBPOA Policy and Procedures Guide (PPG), both of which are on the public side of the Rainbow Bay website, are as follows:

Eligibility:  Per paragraph 11 of the Association By-Laws, officers must be members in good standing of the Rainbow Bay Association.  Note:  An “Active Member” is defined in the PPG, paragraph VI, A as follows: “Registered lot owners whose lot numbers and mailing addresses are known to be accurate and whose maintenance fees are current as of the preceding year (2021) and/or for which there is an extended payment plan in place.  Active members are members-in-good-standing.”

Voting:  Voting can be accomplished via mail or by placing a paper ballot in a ballot box at the Rainbow Bay Maintenance Building by March 15, 2022.

Scrutineers (Vote Counters): Note:  By-Laws Paragraph 17, and PPG Paragraph XI.

  1. The Board shall appoint two persons who may or may not be members of the Association to act as scrutineers who shall supervise the prescribed voting procedure, count the ballot papers, determine the validity of any ballot paper in case of doubt and certify the result of the election to the President. The result of the ballot shall be announced at the annual general meeting.
  2. Scrutineers are expected to adhere to the following procedures.
  3. Election held at the Rainbow Bay Property Owners Association Building
  4. Assure that voters cast their ballots in the ballot box provided, using an official Election Ballot previously mailed to each active registered lot owner.
  5. In the event of a lost ballot, issue an Election Ballot as follows:
    • Assure that the lot owner is an active registered member by checking with the Treasurer’s record.
    • Note the lot location and the number of lots owned on the back of the Ballot.
  • Count and record votes for each candidate using the Election Tabulation Form provided by the Association.
  1. Check the back of each Election Ballot as follows:
    • Assure that the name on the Ballot is coded with an “A.” Do not count any Ballot that is not coded or is coded with a “C.”
    • Check the number of lots stated on the Ballot and record a corresponding number of votes for each candidate.

Example:  The voter has three lots and has checked the names of seven candidates; each of the seven candidates receives three votes from that lot owner.

  1. Do not count names written in; there is no provision for write-in candidates in this election.
  2. Mail Ballots:
  3. Open sealed mail ballots and tabulate results using a separate Election Tabulation Form.

Apply the same procedures used in counting the election ballot deposited in the ballot box.

NB:  These preceding paragraphs will be interpreted to mean that only members in good standing can stand to run for a RBPOA Board position, and further that only ballots sent by members in good standing will count.  If you have any doubt as to your property status, please consult Vicki Collins (vickicollins2013@yahoo.com).

Other salient points:

  1. (By-Laws). If there are more nominations than there are vacancies to be filled on the Board, the Secretary shall cause the names of all nominees to be printed on a ballot paper in alphabetical order, and at least twenty-one days before the date of the annual general meeting at which a general election of Board members will be held, he shall post one such ballot paper to each member of the Association. (By-Laws)

III (L) (PPG).  Directors are not permitted to have a business relationship with any real estate broker, law firm, or other service providers, which appears or results in a conflict of interest.

  1. (By-Laws). The Board of Directors shall comprise not less than three nor more than seven members elected from time to time at an annual meeting of the Association. Directors of the Association must be members in good standing except that any person who is a member of the Board on the effective date of this amendment [January 1, 2006] shall be allowed to continue to serve and may be nominated for re-election.

Other suggested reading:

By-Laws: Paragraphs 11-31.                                                                                                                                     PPG: Paragraph III, A through M.                                                                                                                         PPG: Paragraph XI, A through D.